Compostable Bags and Liners

Natur-Bag® compostable bags and liners are used for the collection of food scraps and other organic waste for home, community, and industry composting.

Our 100% compostable bags and liners and integrate seamlessly in zero-waste and organics diversion programs. We engineered Natur-Bag® for superior strength and to breathe naturally, dissipating moisture to help control odors while keeping collection bins clean. Natur-Bag® is available in a wide variety of sizes, from 3 gallon bags for kitchen counter top pails up to 96 gallon liners for large collection bins.

Natur-Bag® Product Highlights

  • Certified compostable by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) and TÜV Austria
  • Meets ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standard specifications for compostable plastics
  • Approved for use in Composter Manufacturer Alliance CMA-I and CMA-W facilities
  • Compliant with CO, MD, WA, and MN state policies for compostable plastics
  • Does not contain any persistent, non-biodegradable polyethylene and similar plastics
  • Does not contain BPA or PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances)
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes from 3 gallon bags up to 96 gallon liners
  • Engineered strong, industrial size liners (23 gallon liners and up) will hold a minimum of 80 lbs
  • Each liner has a star seal to maximize fit and strength
  • Liners are perforated on a roll
  • Prevent odors, and keeps bins and containers clean

Every Natur-Bag® liner is clearly marked as "Compostable" and features the BPI logo

making it easy for haulers and processors to identify

100% Compostable

Natur-Bag® liners are certified compostable by the BPI and TÜV Austria

Engineered Strong

Industrial sized liners, 23 gallon and larger, have a load capacity of at least 80 pounds

Clean and Smart

Natur-Bag® liners keep bins clean and prevent odors


Natur-Bag® liners support regenerative systems such as composting

Industrial Product Offerings

Item DescriptionItem NumberDimensionsBags Per CaseCase Pack
3 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0000916" x 17" 0.65mil50025/roll x 20 rolls
5 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0003819.5" x 23" 0.7mil30025/roll x 12 rolls
13 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0001023.5" x 29" 0.8mil25025/roll x 10 rolls
23 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0003428" x 44" 0.9mil20025/roll x 8 rolls
30 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0001830" x 39" 0.8mil20025/roll x 8 rolls
33 Gallon Natur-Bag® Slim LinerNT1025-X-0001433" x 40" 0.8mil20025/roll x 8 rolls
33 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0001233" x 40" 1.0mil20025/roll x 8 rolls
35 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0003134" x 48" 0.9mil10020/roll x 5 rolls
39 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0001335" x 44" 1.0mil10020/roll x 5 rolls
45 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0001138" x 48" 1.0mil10020/roll x 5 rolls
55 Gallon Natur-Bag® Slim LinerNT1025-X-0003042" x 48" 0.8mil10020/roll x 5 rolls
55 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0001542" x 48" 1.0mil10020/roll x 5 rolls
58 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0003538" x 58" 0.9mil10020/roll x 5 rolls
64 Gallon Natur-Bag® Slim LinerNT1025-X-0002947" x 60" 0.9mil6010/roll x 6 rolls
96 Gallon Natur-Bag®NT1025-X-0002854" x 59" 0.9mil6010/roll x 6 rolls

Not sure what size liner is best for you?

Visit our Liner Sizes page to learn more, and use the Natur-Bag® Right Sizing Liner Calculator to find the bags/liners best fit for you!

Retail Product Offerings

Item DescriptionItem NumberDimensionsBags Per PackPacks Per Case
3 Gallon Natur-Bag® Retail PackNT1075-RTL-0000416″ x 17″ 0.65mil2524
13 Gallon Natur-Bag® Retail PackNT1075-RTL-0000723.5″ x 29″ 0.8mil1212

Shopper Bag Product Offerings

Item DescriptionItem NumberDimensionsBags Per PackPacks Per Case
Medium Natur-Bag® ShopperNT1075-X-0000416.5″ x 19.5″ 0.75mil50050/pack x 10 pks
Large Natur-Bag® ShopperNT1075-X-0000518.5” x 21” 0.9mil50050/pack x 10 pks

Do you need custom products?

We can develop custom products just for you!

Our team can work with you to develop custom printing, colors, and more.

The perfect solution for:

  • Municipal programs
  • Special events
  • Corporate branding
  • Pilot programs

Pre-Approved for Use in

Natur-Bag® liners are approved for use in these facilities, and many more!

All Natur-Tec® products are compliant to ASTM D6400 and certified compostable. We work hard to ensure that our products work in industrial compost facilities – it is recommended that you work with your local composter to ensure compostable plastics are accepted in their operations.

  • Cedar Grove
  • Recology
  • American Organics
  • Eureka Recycling
  • and many more

Natur-Bag® Documents

Click to view the Natur-Bag® Product Sheet

Click to view the Natur-Bag® Web Tools Sheet

Click to view the Natur-Bag® Custom Liner Program Document

Click to view the Natur-Bag® Custom Shopper Bag Program Document

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