Natur-Bag® Food Scrap Calculator

Natur-Bag® Food Scrap Calculator

Food Scrap Conversion Calculator

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Use the Natur-Bag® carbon equivalency calculator to quickly and easily calculate carbon equivalencies based on your diversion efforts. Then export and easily share your results.

Per the EPA, 218.9 pounds of food waste per person per year is sent for disposal.

This is a staggering amount of food waste which belongs in industrial compost facilities rather landfills where it contributes to the rising amounts of harmful greenhouse gases.

To learn more about greenhouse gas emissions and how they’re calculated, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s WARM Tool found here.

Enter the amount of food waste you generate to see just how vital it is to ensure that food waste is not only sent to the proper facilities but how critical it is to control, and even reduce, the amount of food waste generated.

How do I properly dispose of Food Waste?

Food waste should be composted – not sent to a landfill.

Waste Less – The best way to reduce food waste, and waste associated with cooking and eating food, is to avoid over packaged products, use reusable bags and containers for food storage, and to use as much of each food item as possible. Some amount of food waste is inevitable, but can be turned into valuable compost!

Click to learn about the many benefits of composting!

How does the Natur-Bag® Food Scrap Calculator Work?

Results based on the EPA WARM Tool!

The Natur-Bag® Food Scrap Calculator uses pounds of food waste sent to an industrial composting facility rather than a landfill to derive carbon equivalencies. We use data from the EPA WARM Version 16 and the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator to calculate equivalencies based on your organics diversion efforts. Equivalencies provided represent the net emission difference of food waste sent to composting compared to being sent to a landfill. More information on these equivalencies can be found here.


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