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We’ve assembled great composting resources and information to help spread the word about composting and zero-waste.

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Day 2 of the Biodegradable Products Institute Summit and we’re hearing from one of the very best and good friend, Carla Castegnero of AgRecycle!#regenerative #sustainable #zerowaste #wasteless #compost ... See MoreSee Less
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Mark your calendars! FlexPackCon 2023 hosted by SPE: Inspiring Plastics Professionals takes place in just one month in Montreal, QC and this time around we have two presenters to represent Natur-Tec.Mahin Shahlari, Natur-Tec Research and Development Director, will present on Wednesday on her topic titled, “A Compostable Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging for Protection of Metals”.Anthony Keyes, Natur-Tec Polymer Formulation Engineer, is speaking about “Biaxially Oriented PLS Films with High Strength, Clarity and Puncture Resistance” and will present on Thursday.Click here to read their bios: #flexpackcon23 #flexpackcon2023 #flexiblepackaging #plastics #sustainability #zerowaste #compost ... See MoreSee Less
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Natur-Tec is proud to be represented at the second annual International Biodegradable Plastic Conference in Incheon, Republic of Korea by none other than Dr. Sunder Balakrishnan! This Thursday, September 7th, at 3 PM Dr. Balakrishnan will take the stage to give his talk titled, “Policies and Markets Drivers for Bioplastics in India”. While you’re there, have your pen and pad ready because he’ll have some insightful takeaways!#bioplastics #compostable #wasteless #zerowaste #compost #sustainability ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

At this week’s California Resource Recovery Association conference in Burlingame, California several Biodegradable Products Institute members, including our very own Rick Lombardo, met to discuss the opportunities and challenges our industry faces in California. There’s a lot of work to be done, but through ongoing collaboration and stakeholder engagement progress towards a more sustainable future in California will be made.#CRRA #california #sustainability #zerowaste #compost ... See MoreSee Less
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Recommended Resources

Other organizations working towards creating a sustainable future.

Learn more about what it takes to work towards a sustainable future with information from these great resources.

The US Composting Council (USCC)

Established in 1990, the US Composting Council (USCC) is the only national organization in the United States dedicated to the development, expansion and promotion of the composting industry. The USCC achieves this mission by encouraging, supporting and performing compost related research, promoting best management practices, establishing standards, educating professionals and the public about the benefits of composting and compost utilization, enhancing compost product quality, and developing training materials for compost manufacturers and markets for compost products. USCC members include compost manufacturers, compost marketers, equipment manufacturers, product suppliers, academic institutions, public agencies, nonprofit groups and consulting/engineering firms. The USCC offers excellent composting resources, tips, and more for businesses and individuals.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was launched in 2010 to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Since its creation the charity has emerged as a global thought leader, establishing the circular economy on the agenda of decision makers across business, government and academia. With the support of its Core Philanthropic Partners SUN, MAVA, People’s Postcode Lottery and The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation and Knowledge Partners Arup, IDEO, McKinsey, SYSTEMIQ & Dragon Rouge Ltd, the Foundation’s work focuses on six interlinking areas:

  • Learning
  • Business
  • Institutions, Governments and Cities
  • Insight and Analysis
  • Systemic Initiatives
  • Communications

The Biodegradable Products Institute

BPI was formed as a nonprofit in 1999 with the mission to promote the production, use and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments, such as industrial composting.

  • A certification based on scientific standards was needed to help to identify products that were truly compostable, with verifiable claims
  • The certification scheme was based on ASTM test methods and specifications, similar to European specifications being used
  • The certification was launched in conjunction with the USCC, referencing its “Compost Facility Operating Guide” from 1994/1997 and had the USCC name on the logo

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Flagship produces a weekly blog focused on facility management. Visit their blog to learn more and stay up to date with tips and insight from industry experts!

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